ADCVD Quartz Surface Products from China, India and Turkey

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ADCVD Quartz Surface Products from China

ADCVD issues are a "priority trade" issue of U.S Customs.  As a consequence, importers should monitor these ADCVD proceedings and ensure that their imports are compliance.  ADCVD is complex and nuanced area of trade law.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information, or wish to seek a scope determination for your product. 

Quartz surface products from China were first targeted for an ADCVD duties - cash deposits were required under the preliminary determination in February, 2019. That was next followed by a petition to bring in Quartz surface products from India and Turkey.


Curated News on Quartz Surface Products from China

June 28, 2019: ITC preliminary injury determination on Quartz surface products from India and Turkey.

June 11, 2019: ITC: Affirmative Injury Determination - but with a Negative Vote on Critical Circumstances.

May 31, 2019: DOC: Antidumping  and  countervailing duty investigations on quartz surface products from India (A-533-889/C-533-890), and Turkey (A-489-837/C-489-838).

February 11, 2019: CBP: Message No: 9042301: Change in cash deposits: preliminary ADD determination: quartz from China (A-570-084).

February 6, 2019: ITC: Final Amended Schedule: Quartz.

January 30, 2019: CBP: Message No: 9030313: Termination of suspension of liquidation: CVD quartz from China (C-570-085).

November 26, 2018: CBP: Message No: 8330301: DOC preliminary determination: quartz from China (A-570-084; critical circumstances).

November 20, 2018: ITC Final Schedule: Quartz.

November 20, 2018: ITA: 83 FR 58540: Certain Quartz Surface Products from China: Preliminary Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value and Postponement of Final Determination.

November 15, 2018: CBP: Message No: 8319305: DOC preliminary affirmative determination of critical circumstances: quartz from China (C-570-085).

November 15, 2018: ITA: 83 FR 57419: Quartz from China: Preliminary Affirmative Determination of Critical Circumstances, in part, in the Countervailing Duty Investigation.

September 21, 2018: ITA: 83 FR 47881: Certain Quartz Surface Products From the People’s Republic of China: Preliminary Affirmative Countervailing Duty Determination, and Alignment of Final Determination With Final Antidumping Duty Determination

May 31, 2018: ITC: Preliminary determination: Quartz.

May 17, 2018: CBP: Initiation of ADD and CVD duty investigations of certain quartz surface products from China (A-570-084 and C-570-085).

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