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About the firm


Our Approach

We provide practical, creative and cost-effective advice, which we combine with an unyielding service commitment to our clients. 

We put our clients first

Our clients come in all sizes (both private companies and publicly traded companies), and they span a remarkably wide variety of industries.  A number of our clients are ranked within in the top 1% of importers into the United States (both in terms of volume and value); some are listed on the S&P 500, and many others are leaders in their respective fields, and/or industry segments.   Some are privately-owned companies, some are multinationals.  All of our clients are important to us, and receive our full attention.  We have been working with many for decades; and we value our relationships.

Our Practice

The firm is known internationally for excellence in Trade and Customs Law, and for its ability to craft unique and innovative arguments.  When addressing legal issues related to international trade, we are well within our 'sweet spot'.  

Our domain of knowledge concerns the spectrum legal issues arising from international trade in goods.  These types of legal issues are too numerous to summarize; however, a partial list of "common" issues appears under our Services page.

Our People

The firm is designed as a boutique practice composed of experienced Customs and international trade professionals.   All attorneys in the firm, have prior professional lives in “large” firm trade practices.  We invite our clients to review our biography pages to gain a sense of the level of expertise.

Our Network

Our practice benefits from this diversity within the spectrum of supply-chain ecosystem.  Long-standing relationships with customs brokers, freight forwarders, other specialized law firms, accounting firms, consultants, lobbyists, engineers, and etc., help ensure that the right resources are available when needed.  Many of those service companies have entrusted us not only with the legal problems impacting their clients, but also with legal issues of their own.  We honor that trust, and strive to ensure that we continually provide the highest levels of service.

Keys to the Courtroom  

The ability to the ability to practice law, prepare cases for judicial review, and to protect a client under the umbrella of the attorney-client privilege are all important considerations for clients to be aware of when selecting a law firm for representation.

Where a case cannot resolve favorably, Junker & Nakachi seeks impartial judicial review in litigation before the U.S. Court of International Trade and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  We appears in U.S. District Courts in seizure/forfeiture, CAFRA, and False Claims Act (FCA) actions.

These courts may compel action of the United States government vis-a-vis judicial settlements, injunctions, orders, and opinions.