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Customs Attorneys for Textiles, Apparel & Footwear Imports

Textiles , Apparel, and Footwear

These categories hold some of the highest duty rates in the U.S. tariff, and in FY 2017 accounted for 41% of all duties collected ($13.5 billion).

Common import strategies to minimize the magnitude of such duties includes:

  • Tariff engineering of products to meet lower duty classifications

  • Use of FTA (or preference programs) programs

  • Re-engineering existing transaction structures to ensure the lowest possible declared value

  • Use of TPL and short supply provisions

  • Non-dutiable buying agency commissions

  • Minimization of duties and fee using Foreign Trade Zones

  • Creating royalty programs

All of these strategies require care, and attention to detail to prevent these duty-saving strategies from turning into liabilities. 

Intellectual Property 

Fashion law has become far more complex in recent years as a number of court cases involving intellectual property rights infringement have changed the legal landscape in the fashion world.  Customs regulations have been amended to provide greater information about infringing shipments to right holders, making private lawsuits more common.  


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